The Texas Beer Trail Map

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Yellow Pins represent beer bars that reflect the culture of the craft brewery scene and promote local and national taps from small brewers. 

Green Pins represent distribution breweries who can distribute their beers to bars, restaurants, stores, and other outlets -- but cannot sell onsite.  Typically, these breweries will have a tasting room, where the public can get free small-pour samples.  Some (most) breweries will offer their own logo pint glasses for purchase, which they will then pour a larger, free sample into. 

Red Pins represent brewpubs who cannot distribute their beer to other retailers, but can sell their own beer (and typically beer from other breweries) onsite.  These are also typically places where one can fill up their own growler vessel for home consumption. 

Blue Pins represent craft beer retail depots.

Hopefully someday these distinguishing pins will be unnecessary to denote, as the Texas ABC and Texas Lege ease up on the laws vs. local Texas brewers as they have for vineyards/wineries in this state.  If you would like to read more regarding consumer rights vs. TABC initiated by Jester King Brewery, you can click here and read the results of Judge Sparks' ruling here.  To read more about the economic impact of craft brewing in Texas scribed by Scott Metzger of Freetail Brewing, click here.

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