Friday, July 13, 2012

[A Beer a Day] Gonzo Imperial Porter | Flying Dog Brewing | Frederick, MD

The outcry for RAAAAIIIN in these parts is definitely palatable, and I certainly do understand the populus' enduring desire to break out the high ABV imperials from the vault once again as a sort of free-day from chamblies, fruit beers, and pale ales.  Only rain can free us from this bind, the way it did unexpectedly last Spring when it rained for a record two days straight.

Well here we are, Avenuelings, RAAAAIIIN!  Out come the imperials like the goddam Galactic Empire lead by the Sith Porters wielding 10% sabres.  (And here I was doing so well with my mission to cleanse the IPA shelf in the special fridge.  It is God's work, to be sure -- a beer crusader.)  But when the temperature is cleanly divisible by 78, we have to move on to the back of the rack for the boys doing hard time. 


There is a reason that I swear a lot on this site, and mostly it is because the world reduces me to fucking tears half the time.  The other half is because beer moves me to tears in an equal and opposite trajectory.  Sometimes there is no better expression than, 'Fuck, this is some good shit'.  No really, it applies to any situation, anywhere, anytime.  It is one of the highest compliment one can receive, because, lets be honest, there is a ceiling threshold for compliments when you abandon the will to curse.  There just is.  And besides, they are just fucking words.  This is beer I'm talking about here.  Get the fuck over it.

So, this review can be reduced to one efficient sentence: Fuck, this is some good shit.  I swear to fuck.  Okay, that was two sentences, but I felt there needed to be a denouement.

Its the kind of beer that instantly makes me happy without having to think too much about it.

The smell!  The fucking smell is like Tuscan chocolate said fuck this world and leaped to his delicious demise in a concentrated vat of brandy, espresso, and soft caramel.  Tastes like it too, this fucking thing.  I'm genuinely excited writing about this beer at this very moment.

I'm ending this review early, because frankly, I'm gonna go grab one before the sprinkles melt on my acid-hot pavement.  Its just like November in my mind.

ABV: 9.2%
Acquired: Twin Liquors

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