Monday, February 6, 2012

[A Beer a Day] Cantillon Fou' Foune Apricot Lambic | Brouwerij Cantillon | Brussels, BEL

Its like God designed it for doggy style.
An easy way to know if you are having a good day is just to compare it to one of mine and see if its similar.  And if in this comparison of yours, you have materialized a triple-sized pour of something crafted by Brouwerij Cantillon into your hands, then I would gamble that you were having a GREAT day.

The generous and kind and gifted (and every other superlative you can throw at them) people a Jester King endowed their assemblage at their 1st Anniversary Party with a huge beer boner in the form of Cantillon Fou' Foune -- a beer that has had only 3 kegs imported into the entire United States in the past year, and one of which sat here in this small microbrewery's taphouse as an absurdly benevolent and delicious gift to their patrons.

Cantillon is a very small, but very renowned, brewery established in the year 1900 and set in the beercore city of Brussels, Belgium.  The brewery specializes in Lambic beers and uses spontaneous fermentation to strengthen and sour their beers -- a process that remains unchanged since Cantillon opened for shenanigans more than a century ago.  Their availability is thin, and Fou' Foune in particular is dependently brewed based on the seasons apricot harvest.  That is to say, having such a beer in your near-grasp, waiting in an increasingly uneasy beer line, hoping against fate that the keg should blow as you survey the empty tulips being thrust forth by your line mates, is enough to make ones teeth itch.

To be born damned with a Grinch-like beer soul two sizes too small, was to hold out my tulip and be blessed with a Fou' Foune taster's pour three sizes too big!  While a needy line was brooding behind me, I proceeded to baptize my tongue in apricot prayers while Boris Karloff narrated my thoughts.  Its difficult to be sincerely objective with a beer so rare, but I'm certain that this stuff was magnificent regardless of all the allegories attached to the Cantillon Brewery.  Fou' Foune was not so much apricot onanism as it was an apricot orgy.  It was like species of different apricots attacking another species of apricots in an apricot War of the Alliance.  Kamikazee apricots vs. Guerrilla apricots vs. blitzkrieg apricots vs. some wide-flanking, hand-to-face, ass-kicking, vigilante apricots. This was like The Punisher, anti-hero of beers -- even if it is kind of a sissy-style lambic.

I mean, think to yourself for one second -- "how flippin' tasty are apricots in the first place?"  Like, really fucking good, right?  Add that recipe for success to a mf'ing beer potion and that's one A-bomb dropping glass of magic.

ABV: 5.o%
Acquired: Jester King Brewery guest tap


Anonymous said...

Just scored a bottle of this in Philly. I couldn't believe my amazing luck. I've visited this museuem ... er I mean brewery in Brussels and tasted everything but this at that time. 10 star, work every penny, great review!!

Mo G. said...

I'd managed to suppress my craving for this until your comment notified me that I've had no Cantillon since then. Ugh. Congrats on the bottle! We get no distrib in TX, but one day ...

Enjoy and thank-you for reading!