Thursday, February 9, 2012

[A Beer a Day] The Dogfather Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout | Laughing Dog Brewing | Ponderay, ID

Let's just hope Sofia Coppola stays away from the next few batches.
Happy Congratulations, everybody! Laughing Dog Brewery is now being imported into the Texas market.  Unfortunately, people like me go and grab it all before you can get off of work, even at your boss's decent acquiesced time when you have "an emergency" at "your kid's school".  I have lots of those. As far as anyone at work knows, I have eight foster kids that frequently let the halls of various elementary schools around Austin flow free with heaved sick.  So, sorry bout that.

One of the things I've noticed about drinking every day is how much fun its been.  Sure, its a challenge, and at times it can get you down, but I think its one contest I've stood up to. Another thing is that I learned how much I like to incorporate whiskey into my beer.  When fermenting sugars into loads of alcohol just isn't enough for me, I like to double up with beer soaked in distilled spirits to really bring that unthinkable edge, you know?

It appears that Laughing Dog has found such a recipe that is custom designed for those needs.  Dogfather is an imperial stout -- a style I just love madly -- and aged for 11 months in bourbon barrels.  Oh, also, there were only 300 cases of these made (3,600 bombers total) that were distributed around The States, so running across one was a bit of a dog's bullocks.

The Dogfather tastes like what I would imagine the inside of Mama Cass' mouth tasted like after that Bourbon and Cadbury bender that exploded her heart -- but in a clean way, of course.  I mean, if that's the flavor worth killing yourself over time is, then you KNOW that shit's gotta be ace.

Well, folks, you can get it all here in one 22oz bottle without all the gruesome shrieks and wriths.  Chocolate and booze and rich, deep caramel notes with a very nicely hopped body.  Pairs well with a ham sandwich.

ABV: 11.o%
Acquired: An Austin bottle store

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