Monday, February 13, 2012

[A Beer a Day] Supplication Wine Barrel Aged Sour Brown Ale | Russian River Brewing | Santa Rosa, CA

"... and I says to her, 'Supplication?', more like 'Fornication'!"
Two years is really a long time to miss out on something you love doing.  In the interest of this weblog, that would be drinking a COMPLETE bottle of Russian River all by myself.

Sure, I've had pours of Pliny the Elder here and there throughout last two years -- and yes, there were the semi-often samplings of the -tion series with friends, and friends of friends, and sometimes complete strangers-- but its been far too long since I've been able to decant my very own bottle of Russian River without the obligation to share and share alike, for fucks sake.

When it comes to Russian River beers, nobody is really that picky.  One of the top-rated brewers in the world, there were approximately five or six -tion bottles that I was undressing with my eyes at the pub I was in.  There was my first love, Consectration.  And there were other Brettanomyces-whores in the window, like Sanctification, Damnation, and Salvation -- but one coquette stood out like the Queen of De Wallen: Supplication.

I've had Supplication once before during a bottle share.  I'll tell you this: 2oz. is not nearly enough to scratch an itch.  A gallon of this is not enough.  But 375mL would have to do.

As you can read, Supplication is a brown ale that was aged in oak pinot noir barrels for 12-16 months, then refermented in the very vessel that it lives in until some unassuming punter like myself wanders by like a lost ball in high weeds to flatter it.  First, right on the nose, the cherries and sour brett hit like a rock.  Its not as tart as Consecration -- which is the same brown beer base, but infused with Cab Sav barrel resin and currant -- but instead is far more sweetly sour, like an expensive French candy that come in packs of two.  It really is a creation of art, dealing with wild bacterias, and then making me believe that this is one of the most delicious beers ever made.

Supplication is serious business.  Like 10 times more serious than the internet.  In Russian River, beer drink you.

ABV: 7.o%
Acquired: An Austin pub

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