Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[A Beer a Day] 15th Anniversary Russian Imperial Stout | Real Ale Brewing | Blanco, TX

In Soviet Russia, stout drink you!

So, I've been trying to horde massive amounts of this RIS lately, because I assume it'll be soo 2011 to sell this, and Real Ale's 16th Anniversary is imminent.  Several things preventing this are: 1) its about $13 for, 2) a 4-pack, and 3) its so fucking delicious!  At 9.4%, it really is a very cellar-able beer, and I particularly love that it comes in 12oz-ers at such a high ABV -- therefore I can drink one here and there, but not commit to a full 750mL bottle.  This should keep pretty well 'til damn near the 19th Anniversary Spinach Wheat Porter (well, one can assume such a beer is in the works at some point)

Real Ale's 15th Anniversary is rich in dark chocolate and malts, but also, with 70 IBUs, presents as a highly hopped beer that traditionally made the looong journey from The UK to the Royal Russian Family, hence the preservatives like high alcohol and substantial hops.  It drinks like a true winter stout, but also has elements of an early springtime iced coffee.  Its one of my favorite things Real Ale does, so grab some if the opportunity presents itself.  Then you'll have something to appease me if I stop by to drink your beer.

ABV: 9.8%
Acquired: Spec's 

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