Sunday, January 22, 2012

[A Beer a Day] Dragon's Milk Oak Barrel Aged Stout | New Holland Brewing | Holland, MI

I first tried Dragon's Milk two Christmases ago in a dank, woodsy, and otherwise awesome townie bar called Paul Revere's in East Lansing, Michigan, which, according to their website serves 16 draft beers, including Bud, Bud Light, Labatt's, and 13 other seasonal micro-brews.

Now, you just gotta love a place that pimps their Macros with size 18 font, but is a bit too bashful to boast about, I dunno, fucking New Holland's Oak Barrel Aged Milk Stout on draft -- as if, in a major beer state like Michigan, the locals just cannot be bothered with that kinda shit, so just ask your server just what the seasonals are and you might find one you enjoy, is that okay?

Yep.  Michigan is so ridiculously enriched with great brewers and their commodities that beers like Dragon's Milk are not as aggrandized as someone in another less-worthy state might be.  Because for all intents and purposes, Dragon's Milk is on par with other barrel aged stouts like Brooklyn Black Ops and Deschutes The Abyss.  And because it was the first ever barrel-aged anything I'd ever tried -- tucked away in a VERY dimly lit bar/grill resembling an old Pelican's, staring at our counterparts 15 feet away at one of those spectacular circular bars that housed someone you can accurately call a Bar Maid, while the snow continued to drive upon itself outside -- its hard to ever consider that this is not my first true Stout crush, despite not being as stacked as The Abyss or as sexy as Black Ops.

ABV: 10.o%
Acquired: Merchant's Fine Wine, Detroit

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