Saturday, January 7, 2012

[A Beer a Day] Nightlight Irish Stout | Circle Brewing | Austin, TX

I picked up this beer from Billy's on Burnet in my dependable 32oz Sputnik growler.  This is made by a newishly-minted (about 8 months old) and relatively nondescript brewery in Austin called Circle Brewing.  They don't do very much advertising at all, and have only released a scattering of draught-only beers.  However, everything that I've tried of theirs is good-to-great and I suppose that it appears that they are mastering their few selections of beers before they go gorillas.

This beer is a very pleasant and welcome change to a style that I've been guzzling by the pail-ful recently -- Stouts -- but Nightlight sheds all of the oatmeal, coffee, chocolate, and raisin fluff, and presents itself as a proper dry Irish stout.  Its pretty wonderful -- as the alcohol content is very low as a true Irish stout should be (4.7%), pours boldly, palates delicately, and is replete with burnt malts and oak-y notes.

Unfortunately, the only way to enjoy this beer the majority of the time is in the pub.  I'm thrilled with all of the start-up breweries in Austin and its surrounding suburban and hill country netting, but I would definitely like to see these micros move into the packaging stage.

ABV: 4.6%
Acquired: Billy's on Burnet growler

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