Saturday, January 14, 2012

[A Beer a Day] Primus Weizenbock | Live Oak Brewery | Austin, TX

This beer cost the lives of ten Mexican nationals.

I didn't realize that I had special privileges at my favorite Local until today, as I handed over my enduring ABW half-growler and petitioned for the familiar barman to fill me up with a beer that is, one, only served in 8oz-ers; two, is just a bit into the three $$$ but worthy of an additional $; and three, on its very last leg of its seasonal release.

For a measly 10 frogs, Draught House felt me up under my shirt with Live Oak's perplexing and evasive Primus -- a beer as mysterious as the woman who insisted she invented the recipe and let us in on that major tidbit while we were out drinking one night on E. 6th St. (She also convinced us that she exploded a Mexican brewery sky-high with a mysterium verum. Does that make sense? No.  But she was adamant, and we were drinking cream ales, thus easily persuaded).

I felt entirely fortunate to be holding this valise, as i slunk back out to the car, after a hearty THANKS DUDE! and out to a waiting wife.  Booty like this makes a car ride home as difficult as taxiing a warm pizza from stainless industrial oven to counter top.

So, we tapped this gangster and felt that the sweet cinnamon, cloves, and bananas were like the 'hood version of Live Oak's spectacular Hefeweizen, except cloaked in darker malts and froth.  It laced until the final sip, concluding that yes,  fuck da po-lice.

ABV: 8.3%
Acquired: Draught House growler

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