Monday, January 2, 2012

[A Beer a Day] Le Mort Vivant Bière de Garde | Southern Star Brewery | Conroe, TX

Taking a swath of inspiration from my beer nerd/collaborators/partners in beer trading across state lines buddies in AZ -- Whitney and Scott -- I decided to document the very large amount of consumable liquids that I will imbibe this year. Mostly, if they are worthy enough for me to take out my camera phone, check the lighting, angles of the labels, and ignoring the impatient foot-tapping of my drinking partners, then the beer is either Rare, Unusual, Extreme, Seasonal, or Extraordinary -- and thus, worth cawing about. In very isolated cases, a beer will hit the superfecta, and sweep all the categories. Here is hoping that 2012 brings at least one of those.

This beer is from Southern Star Brewery in Conroe, TX, just outside of Houston. It is a seasonal Bière de Garde, which is essentially a farmhouse saison, but way cooler sounding.

Because it is named so charmingly, the natural inclination is to taste it the same way; that is rustic and malty, with huge notes of honey and subtle flavors of pome fruits, like apples, or what French people call apples: pears.

I'm a fan -- particularly since the beer is probably under or around 5% ABV and an excellent session beer -- not to mention syrupy, yet bright.

ABV: Unknown
Acquired: An Austin bottle store

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